Intuitive Random Collage

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This set of three 4x6s I have today were done for a technique swap in my group. The technique we followed this month is here. Since we are working on 4x6s we are going with 10 of the words and can do more if we like. This was quite an interesting process and I definately ended up with something I would never have made using my own process. I kind of got jipped with words though as I didn't get picture or text and I always include both of those in everything I make!

So here is the lowdown on how I made these. First, I found three images with similar colours and then gathered together all the supplies, papers, pens, paints etc in co-ordinating colours. I decide to work all three cards at the same time. So, I picked out my first word and it was 3D! I couldn't imagine slapping on an embellishment to a blank page and then working around it soooo I admit I cheated, put it back and started again.

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1) OK, Magazine, better. I tore some large words off the magazine page and randomly placed on each card.

2) Paint. Yes! randomly applied some brown and red patches of paint, catching the magazine text a bit.

3) Pattern. I'm having fun now! Grabbed a brown paint dabber and put 5 paint dots on each card.

4) Charcoal. OK. Had to leave everything to dry properly first, so took off and came back later. With the charcoal stick I shaded in some white spaces and drew around the circles on one of the cards.

5) 3D. Hmmm. Embellishment now?? Ok, so I got some confetti trees and applied to each card.

6) Paper. Cool! Tore some scrapbook paper into strips and glued in different places on each card.

7) Surprise. All Right! Now this was a tough spot for me because I still didn't have any images and I almost glued my pictures down, but then I thought what will I do if I get "Picture" next? Better not do it. So instead I got a water-soluable crayon and went around all the edges of my torn papers.

8) Sand. Not feeling the love anymore. Went away for a while to let all the glue dry properly and came back and sanded a bit here and there.

9) Scratch. What the ....?? Grabbed something sharp and did a crosshatch scratching on each card.

10) Ink. Ok, not bad. I still have white patches of the base showing through, so I used a distress ink and swiped over them.

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Now at this point, our instructions said we could stop at 10. Well I'm looking at what I have so far and for a background they look ok. But for a finished piece they look like #$%^&! So here we go!

11) Pencil. Darn! Still no picture. used my pencil to trace over the big words on each card and traced around the circles on one card. This step really changed the whole look. Now I at least had a focal point as the words stood out of the background.

12) Draw. Yikes! usually my drawing is to enhance or alter an image already in my piece. At this point I was all ready to throw them out and start over. But not one to quit easily, I decided to have a go at drawing my image since the words were not co-operating and giving me that choice. I can draw a tree. So I did. First with crayon, hmm, not showing up as much as I want. So I got a gold paint pen and Zing! Yes! I like it.

Now the major problem with my cards was that I STILL had rather large white patches of my base showing through. So I had to keep going!

13) Wipe! WooHoo! The answer! I grabbed a baby wipe and started wiping over all the charcoal, pencil, dye ink, watersoluable crayon and blending them into one another and at the same time drawing the colour over onto the white patches.

And now I decided to stop. I felt that anything else I added would look like it was just plopped on top and since now everything was all blended together it was best to stop.

Do I like them?? I don't know. I don't hate them. The more I look at them ... they are growing on me. But this was definately a very rewarding process to try. And one I will definately try again. Go on, give it a try yourself!

And I'll leave you with 10 more 1x1 collaged squares!

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