Good Memories

Here we go with another 4x6! This may be my last one, I'm not sure yet. I've been working on something else since I finished this. We'll see!

Good Memories
Good Memories

1 SURPRISE - Wow! A good one to start with. This leaves me wide open to start whichever way I choose. So I went with another of my favourite quick backgrounds. I grabbed two colours of paint (yellow and brown). Then drizzle straight from the bottle randomly on my base. Take a dry baby wipe and pounce up and down covering the background.

Note: for the background make sure you pounce, don't wipe as that will muddy your colours. Also sometimes I do this with a wet baby wipe and you get a more transparent background which is good over text or collage. Also if you drizzle a lot of paint you will get a darker solid colour (shown here), the less paint you start with the lighter the colour and the more transparent it will be.

2 PENCIL - OK, pencil is not the best thing to go next so I just shaded around the edges of my card.

3 WRITE - Same as last time I did this. I wrote over parts of my background, some of this is still visable.

4 IMAGE - Love it when I get image. Attached the girls.

5 TEXT - All right! I added the three snippets of text.

6 CHALK - Another good one! Since working on this process I have found a new love for chalk. I chalked around the image with brown and around the text with yellow.

7 SMUDGE - Perfect one to get right after chalk! Of course I then smudged all the chalk.

8 SCRATCH - This is my least favourite of the words. scratching is not my thing. But I went ahead and scratched a border just inside the image.

9 SAND - This is more like it. I like sanding. I sanded over the entire card words, image, background.

10 INK - just a bit of ink this time. The last two text snippets were on a yellowish paper but the first text "childhood memories" was from a magazine and on white paper so I took a paintbrush and inked the text with yellow.

11 PAPER - Added a torn stip of paper to the top and two little bits on the bottom corners of the image.

12 PASTEL - with brown I went over the edges of the paper, the edges of the text and lightly over the words themselves.

13 CHARCOAL - edged the card with charcoal

14 PATTERN - Added the paint dots and decided it was done.

Another one I'm happy with! This has been really fun, I've come away with only one I'm not happy with. I think I may try this on a bigger scale next, maybe in my altered books. We'll see.

Until next time!


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