Count Your Blessings

Busy day today!

Here is my next 4x6. I really like this one!

Count Your Blessings
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1 INK - This was a great one to come first! One of my favourite backgrounds to do when I need a background right away is to grab a couple of distress inks and swipe all over. So that is what I did with Peeled Paint and Mustard Seed.

2 WRITE - . I took a yellow marker and wrote in big letters across the card. If you look closely you can still see some of it.

3 IMAGE - Easy! I attached the image of the girls.

4 CHALK - I outlined the girls with green chalk.

5 SAND - Sand over the girls to distress the image.

6 WIPE - with a baby wipe I wiped over all the ink background which mixed the colours a bit more then very lightly I wiped the chalk around the girls bringing it onto the image.

7 PAINT - Random painting with green and yellow across the background and just catching the edges of the image.

8 SMUDGE - Now I went away and waited until the paint was almost dry but still a bit tacky and with a dry finger I smudged over all the paint.

9 TEXT - Added both the larger words (above the girls) and the smaller words (under the girls)

10 3D - I glued down the leaves. I am really loving this card by this point!

After 10 I do really like it, but it doesn't feel finished. The words aren't integrated and the background is still somewhat plain. So I continue

11 STAMP - Used a large foam flower stamp and acrylic paint and stamped in the three corners. I'm loving the background now but the words still need something.

12 CHARCOAL - Yes! with charcoal I edge the text and edge the entire card.

Finished! One last thing I did was spray with fixitive so the charcoal wouldn't smudge off.

See you tomorrow with the next one!


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