Everything's Coming Up Squares

I've been busy square-ing this week!

Dot and I are doing a swap, I did these orange squares for her and she's doing green for me.

Click to see bigger

And here are some more random squares I've done this week.

Click to see bigger

I may just have a problem as I see potential 1x1s everywhere these days. Don't ask me why. All I can say is these next ones just happened.

Click to see bigger

Plastic Canvas 1x1s! I embroidered them with cross stitch and then embellished a bit.

Now that March is here, it's time to do the next spread in my altered calendar.


Anonymous said…
love the canvas minis! brilliant idea! also love all the other one's you made, the random one's too. I still wanna do the box top frame like you. I'm thinking of doing one with the one's i got from angie hav. swap. perhaps a small one. I'll let you know if I do so you can see.

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