Bit of a Rant

I haven't felt like blogging the last few days. Stuff is happening right now that I don't feel like talking about but I'll just say it's tough to deal with. Thank goodness I have my art! I didn't do anything art related for a couple a days and then I got out my stuff and went to it. There is such a feeling of calm and (for lack of a better word) zen when I do my art. When everything gets you down ... Go.Make.Art.

I've been having fun making these little notebooks slash journals and decided to put them up at etsy.

Notebook Journal 1 coverNotebook Journal 2 coverNotebook Journal 3 cover

As to etsy, I'm pretty annoyed at their new policies about supplies. I hope they get their act together and make this right. First they said no commercial supplies, now that has been revised to 100 listings for supplies are allowed as long as you are only de-stashing. So as long as you aren't making any money off of them then it's ok to sell them. What's wrong with making money? What business is it of etsy's whether you are de-stashing or trying to run a profitable business. Oh and yeah, they are discussing just what is a supply exactly. So far the discussion seems to be on things that are intended to be a supply (yarn,beads,etc) and that found items that artists use as a supply are not really a supply? This means nothing an altered/collage/mixed-media artist uses would be allowed in the supplies category. Sheesh! Take a look at some of these awesome sellers that etsy is saying bye-bye to: here, here, here and here. There are many more just like them wondering if the plug is really going to be pulled.


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