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February Journal Entry

February Journal Entry

These are two quick collages in one of my art journals.

Bingo Deco

And this is a "Bingo" themed deco I made for myself.

I've been busy sorting out stuff to use in my new colour-themed altered books. I'll be starting with the white one. It was so much fun finding things I've had for ages and never used. The hardest part for me in doing an altered book is opening it and putting in that very first mark. So last night before I went to bed I opened it up and gessoed the first spread.

The girls on American Idol where way,way better than the guys. There are several really good girls but Letitia (WOW!) she is fabulous. I had a feeling they would put her last since she is so good. It was kind of like watching a talent show and then having a professional sing at the end. Totally different league than the others. I love American Idol, but these two hour shows are a bit much. I was getting bored just over half way through.


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