Figured It Out

Finally figured out how to upload from the camera to the new computer! So I've got two posts for you today.

The library had a $5 a bag sale a few weeks ago and I couldn't pass it up. Nothing outstanding but I got some art mags for collage, some books for collage, some kids books and mags for my 6yo.

Library Sale

I am tremendously pleased with this next item up for your viewing. I finally found a way of displaying 1x1s that I love. I took an old box lid (square no less) and painted it with a few coats of gold paint. Then I mounted my 1x1s and now have it hanging on the wall in my living room. I can just see a whole collection of them on the wall, it would look fabulous! I've already got the bottom of the same box painted yellow waiting for the next 49 1x1s.

1x1s on the Wall

And as promised a while ago, here is a photo of the gorgeous goodies I received from artjunkgirl.

Trade from Lia

And remember the latch hook kit I couldn't pass up on Monday? Well, I finished it! It was so much fun, I gotta go find me another one this weekend as we plan on going thrifting tomorrow, yeah! Not sure yet if I'll make it into a cushion or put on the wall, it's only 12x12.

Hooked Flower


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