An Experiment

The Mother Tree

Click to get a better view, the tree isn't so dark in real life.

I'm not very fond of this. It was an experiment. I had two ideas in mind that I wanted to try when I started this. One was successful the other not.

First, I wondered: If I make a tree an unusual colour will it still look tree-like. So I went with a pink tree. I guess they look like trees but I don't like it. Problem is I can't tell if I don't like because the trees are pink or because the background is so blah. Since I was experimenting I just grabbed the first pre-made background I saw. Maybe I'll try it again with a better background, but I think if I do I'll go with a more tree-like colour like red or yellow.

Second, I wondered: Can I incorporate a face in the tree trunk and have it look like I imagine it will look. Success! I really like the face here, just wish it wasn't on a pink tree!

I won't say the experiment failed because even though I'm not happy with it, it does give me further ideas to try and isn't that what experimenting is all about?

Last night I ran out to Goodwill. Terry has been working on some colour-themed altered book and they are fabulous. This is such a good idea and I'd like to do it too! So I went in search of alterable books with colours in the title. Not much selection at the local Goodwill but I did score two suitable books.
1) The WHITE Calf
2) Jungle GOLD

I also picked up two board books since I've always wanted to have a go at altering them. One is tall and narrow and the other is short and wide. And while there I headed over to the craft section and just couldn't resist getting this latch-hook kit. I haven't hooked in decades! And I just love this! There is no date on it so I don't know how old it is. It isn't very modern though as the yarn is wool. Usually you get acrylic with these little kits. And how appropriate that it is a square! 12x12"


I sat down last night and started working on it. What fun!


Anonymous said…
ha! I read that as "last night I ran out of Goodwill" and was waiting for a big dish of angst! hahaha :-) I like the experiment if that means anything.
Anonymous said…
Thanks miss dot! Haha, I've been know to run out of goodwill occassionally too!

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