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Wonderful day. Not!!!

My water heater blew a gasket. Water pouring out of the thing all over the basement all morning before I realized what was going on. Fortunately, it is an old cellar and no damage done. And I'm freaking out because I haven't a clue how to turn the water off. Call dh at work and he comes home to turn off the water, well, just the hot water. Water heater guy comes at supper-time, takes a look and says they'll replace it. (It's a rental). They can come tomorrow. Why does it feel like such a hardship to live with no hot water for 24hrs? I guess it could be worse ... but I wish I could go take a nice long bath to wind down!

I'm out of my "art funk." So I'll leave you with my latest: "Story of the Trees". Click the pic to see larger and read the text.

story of trees


Anonymous said…
oh you reminded me of when mine broke down and my landlord (Parents/slumlords) wouldn't replace it for me (no comment) immediately. I had no hot water for 8 days! it was summer so wasn't too unbearable. My boyfriend and I used to take turns to stand on a step ladder with a watering can of warm water (boiled on stove) and "water" each other under the cold running water! I used to get the giggles because it all just looked so funny! ahh memories.
Hi, I just found your blog a couple days ago. Love the tree art, it's gorgeous.

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