As I'm working in my White book I realized I only have 3 white paints and that is including my Gesso. They are all basically the same shade so I went to Wal-mart today and got myself 4 different shades of white including one called "Metallic Champagne". Can't wait to get into these paints!

Then we spent the day thrifting and must have hit 6 stores with very little results. I did end up with a couple of things I'm thrilled with though. First a bag full of acrylic paints for $4, most of these have never even been opened! A bag of buttons and odds and ends including a Hazel Loom to make flowers from yarn. Can't wait to give it a try! And I was looking for another book with a colour in the title since I need a more colourful colour besides the white and gold I already have. And guess what colour I found? Orange!! It is called "The Orange Belt Special"


Unfortunately, I searched high and low but couldn't find another latch hook kit. Darn! You know I see them all the time but now that I actually want one, no luck. Bummer!


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