This, That and The Other + Mail!

My mailbox runneth over today! Lots and lots of goodies, an issue of Paperworks, several 4x6s from swaps, a journal to work in from 1001 journals dot com, some gorgeous 1x1s from a friend, and if that's not enough I received a couple of fabulous vintage sewing patterns I won in a little giveway over on Amanda's blog!

Now onto what I've been up to lately!

An ACEO on etsy:

The Elusive Passage

Back to the mystery envelope project, these are the latest 1x1s. The insurance pamphlet has on the last page a cool list of all the names of the Directors, I'm sure I'll be cutting men's names from it for a while!

One Inch Quartet

This next piece was made from the same brochures I'm using for the one-inchers. I love the layers in this but I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I'm not sure if it is finished. Does it need a focal point? Maybe it's just a background? Perhaps it may be done, time will tell.

Happy Motoring

A close-up:

Happy Motoring (detail)

And last but not least, this is what I did yesterday. I made my first real book! It is 4x6 and filled with mixed-papers and I did a coptic-stitch! I had to sit in front of the computer and sew and follow the directions step by step but it was not very hard, just fiddley. I think I'd have to make an awful lot of these before I could do it without following the directions. It's not perfect. I know what to do next time to make it better, but I think I did a pretty good job, it's nice and tight if not exactly even. For the papers I just grabbed all the odds and ends I had laying around on, beside and under my art table!

First Coptic Stitch Book

Coptic Stitch book (inside)

Coptic Stitch Book (inside)


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