My Art Studio (or lack thereof)

Be forewarned, you are about to see the messiest corners of my home!

No art being created here today. Instead I finally got fed-up with the current state of my art "studio". I can barely pull out my chair far enough to sit on it. So everything has been pulled out and these are a couple of "in progess" photos. Be prepared to see a Mess with a capital "M"!

Here you see my kitchen table with everything that was on the floor. At the back is my art table in my little cubby.

This is a picture of my little cubby "art studio". Once I've finished sorting out this mess, I'll show some after pictures.

Ever since we moved to this new house (Dec. 1). I've had my art set up at the back of the dining room as other options are not available at the moment. I actually kind of like working here because if I need more room I just move over to the kitchen table and all my stuff can stay where it is.

Eventually, I have other plans as to where I will create. But a lot of work on the house will have to be done before these options ever see fruition.

This room is a possible future "art studio". It adjoins our master bedroom. Right now we are using it as a closet. This is an old house (circa 1920) and closets are few. There are actually no closets upstairs except in my oldest son's room, which has two walk-in type rooms, which probably were not intended to be closets originally. Right now, in here we have linens, blankets, some clothes and whatever. I'd like to get matching wardrobes for our room and get a big dresser to hold the linens (to go in the hall) someday and then this could be my art studio.

The other possiblity lies up these stairs. Don't you just love the red walls?? NOT! Everytime I walk up here I start thinking "redrum", "redrum".

Up the top of the stairs is the attic which needs to be completely finished before it will be a usable room. Right now it is the junk storage place and is actually still full of junk left from the previous owners. Oh, and the window up there has been boarded over too, so it's very dark but there is electricity up here. And the vision of it totally refinished with big windows and me working away on my art up here is a possibility but a far away one.

Though I have to say I am currently very happy with my little cubby "art studio" I just need to get it organized and now that my break is over I guess I better get back to it!


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