Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking forward to posting to this new blog this year!

I've been looking over my stats for this blog and am surprised that I'm getting a nice number of hits, I thought it might take a while before anyone stumbled upon me here.

One thing about the old knitting blog was that it got a lot of hits but the average time spent on the blog was 30 or 40 seconds which, to me, meant that people were quickly scrolling the page looking at the pictures. This made me conscious of making sure I had pictures to post before I blogged and when I had no good knitting pics I didn't post.

But for this blog, the average time spent is 4 and a half minutes! This must mean visitors are actually READING what I've written since I don't have that much to look at yet. This definately gives me a different feeling. Hope I don't say anything stupid {grin} but also think that what I'm saying may be as interesting as the pictures and I don't feel so pressured to have photos to post when I blog.

But don't worry, there will be lots of photos!


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