Creative Juices

Before the big clean up I completed the last set of 1x1s from the previously mentioned brochures. One problem I ran into with working with these brochures was that many of the images were just too small to cut out. Usually finding images small enough for a 1x1 is the hard part, I don't expect to run into this problem often!


Now that I'm finished with the brochures here is what I have left:


Starting from the top and going counter-clockwise. The top pile, from all the pieces large enough I cut pieces to put into another mixed-paper book. This time I'll make a small one so I can use up the pieces left over from making the last one. This book (when finished) will be just be 3.5 x 3".

Next pile, from the remains I gathered together the pieces I wanted to keep for future collage fodder; the list of men's names, some text pieces (perfect for 1x1s) and a few images and maps. The last pile is the scraps. I haven't decided yet if I will just throw them out but I'm thinking I'll gather together all the text pieces and make a torn paper background to paint over, like these here.

Looking at my tidy art table last night my creative juices started flowing and I grabbed an art journal and experimented with layers. I just worked quickly and intuitively with this. I'm really into layers and think I'll use this journal now for playing and experimenting with this. It's too big to scan, hence the not very good photo.


And finally, here is a pic of Journal 1202 from 1001journals I worked in. This is a collaborative piece. It had already been started and I was to continue collaging it.



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