It's Deco Time!

Felicia asked a question about one of the guys in the last set of pink 1x1s. And you are right, Felicia! He is from the Flintstones. That is Mr. Slate (Fred's boss)!

Peek-A-Boo Deco

My page in a pink & green themed deco. I taped this one. I've never taped over a collage in a deco even if it is a taped-deco that I'm working in. But this one has a lot of work in it already that is totally taped, and has been put together in a way (folded in upon itself) that if I hadn't taped my piece it would more than likely get ruined before it went much further.

Sleepyhead Deco

My page in an orange & brown themed deco.

In the Mind's Eye Deco

And, finally, this is my page in an unthemed deco.

What I'm working on now:

I've just finished another set of 1x1s for a swap and will post a photo once they arrive at their destination. I have one spread and the back cover left on the altered star-shaped board book that I'm working on.

I've decided to take the month off from swapping and spend some time on what I have going on here at the moment. So I hope to finish the board book this month. As well as the April (and possibly May) spreads in my altered calendar. Then I have the Pinocchio 1x1s under way, as well as the red-themed collages I started on the boards from those kids' books I've been mentioning. Then, if that's not enough I have a huge pile of decos I can dive into. Plus I would like to make some more decos for myself. I've worked in a ton of decos for other people but only sent a handful out in the world myself.

There was a time when I worked on one collage at a time. But I need to have several things on the go these days. I get all obsessed with something when a frenzy of creativity hits me, then it fizzles out and I move onto something else. Then I'll find the spark again and go back to something I set aside for a while. Variety is the spice of life!


Anonymous said…
Mr. Slate! Ah ha :)

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