Bit of This n That

I have been feeling so, so very tired since the other day. The meds seem to be working and physically I'm feeling much better but I'm just so tired. Anyway, I've got some stuff to show.

The following was all done before I got sick.

After I finished the mini-project mentioned in the previous post, I pulled out another little random envelope I've received. This one was full of embellishments, a couple pieces of papers and two puzzle pieces. So I altered the two puzzles pieces and put magnets on the back and made a Queen-themed deco from the bits of pieces. The rest of the "stuff" went into my stash.

Altered Puzzle Magnets

Queen Deco

Then I made a few ATC's. Unfortunately some of these did not scan very well, the embellishments cast shadows on the scanner and I used some blue metallic ink which doesn't scan well either. These first three are not my best work, but, hey, I've got to show the bad as well as the good here.



Now these next two I am much happier with.

Waiting For Their Dinner

Hoping To See Her Beloved

I got a little mini composition book in the mail today for a swap I signed up for. We each are sent these books to alter and then we send them in and they are swapped out. It really is a tiny little thing, fits in the palm of your hand but it has quite a few pages. So I'm having fun right now gluing pages together and painting the pages.

Till next time!


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