Arting It Up on Mother's Day

AtC's Set 3 of 5 - Available

This set of 5 ATC's contains images that I photocopied from a vintage photograph in my personal collection. This is the first time I've actually used a photocopy in my art. The colours are a bit off because the embellishments cast shadows on the scanner. (same old story...)

ATC's set - 2 of 5 - Available

I had a great Mother's Day! In the morning we went to a huge book sale. We had already been on Thursday night but Sunday was the bag sale. Buy a bag for $2 and then fill it full of books, and they were huge bags. So I got 2 huge bags full of books for $4! I mostly got books for our homeschool, then I got several omnibus editions for my collection and then a few mags and an old 1950s websters dictionary to use in my art. I had to hold back on getting books for my art because I have sooo much already, I don't really need any more.

Please Don't Stand So Close To Me

Above is a quick collage I did yesterday evening. Below is a quick entry in my art journal I did this morning. Our phone and internet went off yesterday and we didn't get them back on until this afternoon. It's amazing how much one can get done when there are not phone or online distractions. LOL!

Journal Entry

See that stamp in the background! That is one of my Mother's Day presents. As I mentioned I went to Michael's for my Mother's Day treat and below is what I picked out. I ended up getting nothing I needed and just treated myself to some fun stuff.

My Mother's Day Present

The paints are all metallic colours and they are gorgeous!

Part of my Mother's Day present


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a wonderful book sale! I love that little horsey card :)

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