One By One with Oliver Twist

On the weekend I went up to my son's room to make space on his bookshelves for some new books I thrifted for him. I got rid of a small stack of books that he had either outgrown or wasn't interested in any more and had an inspiration. Instead of sending them off to the thrift store, I'm going 1x1-ing with them. The first book was a litte kid's version of Oliver Twist and here are my Oliver Twist theme 1x1's!

Click to see bigger.

The text in the book was pretty large so I was limited to using just one word per inch, though I did manage a couple with two words. The backgrounds are all painted except the 4 blue ones in the middle. They are based on a postcard I cut up into inches!

Next up is Robin Hood!


Anonymous said…
What a brilliant idea! They turned out pretty fantastic.

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