Annoyed ... But Over It

I am so annoyed!!! I have these pieces to show and I can't get good pictures! I tried to scan them a dozen different ways but because of the large embellishments they cast shadows. And with all the brown & black in these the scans just look like scans of mud! So I took 'em outside and took photos of them, and you all know how lame my camera is. Anyway ... this is the best I could get and the text isn't readable on most, but if you click on them and go to flickr, I've written the accompanying text for each one.

I just absolutely love how these turned out (in real life, that is). The bases for these are the boards of the books I've been using lately! These 6 pictures are the front and back of 3 boards. When I'm finished I plan on punching them and binding them, probably with key rings or binder rings. I'm going with a red colour scheme, each set will be red and another colour. Here we have 3 red & black and 3 red & brown.

Very Mystified

She's a Good Little Goer

It Was Quite True

Greatest Curio

He Looks Bewildered

Fortunes Changed


Anonymous said…
They all look so groovy. Each piece has its own personality even though they've got the same color way. Great job!

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