I've been spending a huge amount of time sorting out my "stuff" into colours. I had all my images sorted into folders but needed something bigger so I could colour co-ordinate everything: embellishments, etc. but didn't have the money for a perfect solution. So I went to the dollar store yesterday and bought 15 stackable tubs. I chose the most appropriate kind I could find wide enough and deep enough. So now I'm about 3/4's of the way done and I have to say it is awesome!

Anyway, I was sorting through some old (30s-40s) birthday cards I have and this fell out of one. A 1935 series A silver certificate US dollar! How cool is that? It doesn't appear to be worth anything, though :-(

1935 series A silver certificate US dollar

I also finished this little blanket last night. It is just a bit smaller than the last one. I had a huge ball of the grey main colour and wanted to use it up. Grey is not my favourite, so this is my least favourite one so far but still happy with it. I discovered last night I can wear these little ones as a small shawl over my shoulders sitting outside in the evening when it cools down.


I've started the next one and it is going to be a big full sized afghan, maybe even bed size and it is turning out gorgeous. I'm using various whites for the main colour and contrasting with pale pastels.

Now here is a picture of something I made quite a while ago but just got around to punching and binding this weekend. I took an old (falling apart) paperback book and tore the pages out, painted one side of some pages then glued two or three pages together with the painted sides facing out. The front cover I kept as is, as a reminder of what it once was. Another art journal. Too bad I don't work in my journals as much as I make them!

You can see a lot more detail by clicking and viewing "all sizes"

And finally, I took this picture a bit ago and forgot to upload it. Here's an in-progress shot of my Robin Hood 1x1s. My camera is lousy with close-ups but you get an idea of how I work.


Talk to you later!


Mahala said…
If I'm correct, a US silver certificate is worth about eight dollars.

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