Time for a Quickie

Just a quick little post today and no pics, sorry. I've been working on some 1x1s for a couple of trades so won't be able to show them until they arrive at their destinations. I love working on these little mini collages soooo much it is unreal.

I've also been crocheting quite a bit, working on another ripple blanket and at the same time I've been using the leftover scraps to make a granny square blanket. What do you call the scraps leftover from your scraps??

Made a couple more little notebooks, they are so fun! This time I made them with mixed-papers: vintage giftwrap, old book pages, etc. And a rather momentous moment for me today. I sold my first ACEO. A rather unique feeling, I must say, the first time someone pays for your art.

And good news. Etsy is keeping supplies. I'm so happy they changed their minds!


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