A New Series

I'm working on a new series! After the technique 4x6s from the other day, my mind started racing about what I could have done if I'd chosen different words and I've decided to start a series of 4x6s using the same process.

I get bored doing the same thing over and over and feel like I always follow the same steps when I'm doing collages. This process really stretches your imagination and I'm learning new ways of working.

Here is the next one:

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1 IMAGE - A great beginning! I adhered the boy image.

2 SMUDGE - a waste. nothing to smudge at this point, so I move on to the next word.

3 3D - OK, an embellishment this early is tough for me but I go with it and attach the red foamy "S"

4 DRAW - I have a totally white background at this point so I draw some gold spirals coming out from some of the corners and edges. I also doodle on top of the foamy.

5 MAGAZINE - I tear out the apples and glue them on.

6 SAND - I sand over all the images.

7 CHARCOAL - Still have a plain background so I shade in the bottom half under the images with my charcoal stick.

8 PATTERN - Perfect! Paint dab some circles around the boy image tying it into the background.

9 WIPE - wondering when I will ever get a background for this card. I go ahead and wipe with a baby wipe over the images which distresses them further then I blend in all the charcoal.

10 PAPER - OK, now we are getting somewhere! attach torn scrapbook paper over the charcoal on the bottom.

After doing 10 steps, I will continue to do one step at a time until I am pleased with the result. This card still has a white background so I keep going.

11 SUPRISE (WATER SOLUABLE CRAYON) - Perfect! for my surprise I get a crayon and colour in all the background and everything except the images, then I go over it with water and a paintbrush. This mixes in with the charcoal on the bottom and smudged my paint a bit since it wasn't 100% dry and everything has been brought together. This was a totally new experience for me working my background practically at the end since I always start with a background. Then I take the crayon and go over the edges nice and dark.

I really like the piece at this point, except the red letter "S" stands out too much and looks like it was just stuck on. So I decide to pick another word and see if it will help me with the "S".

12 INK - Bingo! I grap a distress ink and ink over the letter "S".

See you tomorrow with the next one!


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