Repurposed ATCs

I made a couple of abstract ATCs. I really enjoy looking at abstract art but I have a hard time creating it. When I'm finished it just doesn't feel right without a focal image or text. So, of course, I finished the ATCs and they didn't do a thing for me. I was just about to toss them when I had a "hmmmm" moment. My whole life seems to revolve around 1-inch squares so I got out the paper cutter and chopped them up into 1-inch squares and am using them for backgrounds. Here are the first three:

Trio of One Inchers

As promised here is the scoop on my crafty thrifting this weekend. Some green glazes and paint, dimensional paint, gorgeous pink,cream and brown lace, artist paint crayon, three bags of assorted odds of yarn (I couldn't resist when they were only 25 cents a bag!). A stack of read-alouds (kid's books were 10 cents each!), a shell foam stamp, set of dpns and a large circ. needle, two sets of napkins, a bag of doll faces and a holder for my spoon collection. And a treasure load of vintage games. I got these for the pieces, all number and letter related.

You can see the pics starting here.

We had the ice storm here last night. Very pretty! but dangerous! Hard to
believe but we were in the kitchen this morning and there was a thump and the
whole house shook, I looked outside and saw the trees and telephone lines
shaking and as my eyes moved over to neighbours yard, I couldn't belive it! A
huge branch from their tree had fallen to the ground. Luckily it missed their
house by what looks like inches. I then went outside and inspected our house on all angles to see if we had any branches hanging over the house and everything looks ok. We have one tree on the side of our house, actually in the other neighbour's yard
that makes me a little nervous. If it fell it *might* hit the house but I don't
think so. Of course when I went out I grabbed the closest pair of shoes which
happened to be my crocs. Lots of fun sliding around the yard in those!


Click picture for a larger view.

PS - I've just made a discovery. I'm not cutting off my images when uploading. It seems that if my image is over a certain size in width blogger is cutting them off. I think I've got it figured out so we'll see if this gets cut off when I hit post!


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