Photo Overload

I've been reluctant to scan/take photos recently so I bit the bullet today and have an overload of photos to share. Some of this has been waiting for it's photo session for a while.

I went thrifting this weekend. I haven't been out for a while and it was a successful day, lots of art/collage stuff and a dresser. You can see what I found starting here. Oh, I also picked up a few balls of some New Zealand 100% wool, enough to knit a pair of socks!

I was cutting some images out of an old 1930's Etude magazine and a few old children's books last weekend and saved the scraps. So I used the magazine scraps to collage some cardstock and then swiped with distress inks to make backgrounds for ATC's.

ATC backgrounds in Waiting

With the scraps from the children's books I made 1x1s. These were very different to make than what I usually do, but I love to recycle my scraps as much as I can before throwing them away.

1x1s from leftover scraps

I have a bad habit of forgetting to scan decos before sending them off. Here are some I've done in the last month. Click on pictures for larger view.

Autumn Deco Trees Deco I Spy Deco Glam Deco Colours Deco

And I've been back at the Altered Calendar. Here is the January spread which I've done in a red and white theme. Again photo is not the best.

Altered Calendar - January

Better colour in these scans of the top:
Altered Calendar - January (top)

And bottom:
Altered Calendar - January (bottom)

And a close-up detail:
Altered Calendar - January (detail)

Whew! I'd better try to take photos more often! Comments welcome!


Anonymous said…
Great work - as always, Nicola. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

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