ATC's & 4x6

And now for something different.

I felt like making some ATC's the other day so I made this set of 4 ATCs. I'm also in a 4x6 swap with someone where we had to use a Campbell's Soup label for the background so I got to work on that one too.

I actually haven't worked in my art journal for a few days now because my art table is too messy. I don't have any room to make anything anymore! So, in the next day or two I'm going to tackle tidying it up and get back to it. I still have several pages left to show though, so I'll keep uploading a journal page every few days.

Hittite BabylonGreeceSumer

For these I used a piece of map scrapbook paper for the background, then I coloured over it with water soluble crayons. Then using a dry baby wipe I smudged and rubbed the crayon to blend it all together. Rest of the card was finished with paint and stamps.

Campbell's Soup Kid

Campbell Soup label, foamy stamp, ink, scrapbook paper, image from a kid's book, sharpie and acrylic paint.


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