Decos and Reading

Two more decos done. My pile of decos is almost gone now. The first one is my page in a science deco. And the second is my page in a brown deco. It was very hard to get a scan of this as the deco won't lay flat since it is so full of embellishments. This was the second last page and was awesome to see all the wonderful work previously done it. The owner is going to be very happy with this!

Science Deco

Brown Deco

American Idol was pretty boring last night. The judges bickering with Ryan was annoying and I wasn't impressed with any of the singers. Some were pretty awful and even the two I like best at the moment were not that great. My two fav. picks for the night were the beatbox guy (even though he didn't beatbox) and the chubby guy with the big hair. Sorry, it always takes me a while to remember names and I can't be bothered to look them up.

I've also updated my list of books read over in the side bar. The Dorothy Simpson books were really good. Now I'm onto an omnibus of Irwin Shaw that contains 4 novels including the "Rich Man, Poor Man" books.


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