Challenges, Prompts and Decos. Oh My!

Well, I'm learning all the time. A friend just helped me figure out why my scans (with the new scanner) were coming out GINORMOUS. Now they are a much nicer size! yeah!

I love working with prompts and challenges. I always learn something from them. I don't like abstract prompts, though. Discover. Explore. Self. Those kind of prompts are not for me. But give me a technique to play with, a colour to explore, a specific material to try and I am there!

This first collage is from a challenge to quickly place 16 squares on your page.

Saturday Square Challenge After

This next calendar is for a Green prompt. But I was lucky, I was already working on it when the prompt to explore the colour green was given!

Altered Calendar - Green

I'm finding that with my calendar pieces I am starting to use some collage elements that have personal meaning rather than just random images. This is even more evident in the next one I will be showing you (probably tomorrow). In the left border is a piece of stationery from a letter from a friend, near the bottom of the grid is a gift tag from a present, the frog is from a stamp on my mail, and the lady is from the packaging on a bag of rice!

My pile of decos is starting to get smaller and I decided to do these two Valentine's Decos at the same time.

Valentine's Decos


Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog.:)
I love the idea of altering a calendar! Beautiful work!

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