Mystery Envelope Project #5

A couple of days ago I pulled a little envelope of collage fodder off the shelf and decided to start MEP #5. This is just a mini-project as the envelope is small with just a few bits and pieces in it. But they are very interesting bits and pieces!

Me Gusta

This atc was the first thing I made. The base was a small advertising card somewhat larger than an atc so I cut it down to size and glued the cut-off bits to the edges, then stenciled with gesso over the b/w card. There was a small clipping of newsprint with part of a Spanish comic and that is where the image and words came from.


For this atc, I supplied my own base and then tore up the remains of the comic and made a torn paper background. Added some glitter and scrounged around in my own collage images for the African statue guy. I already knew I wanted it say "chaos" so I grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper I had with winter words all over it and clipped the letters out to spell "chaos".

Apple Deco

Next I made this deco for myself. I wanted to use the piece of green material so I supplied my own cardstock and covered with the material. I really like the look of fabric and paper together, but the only time I ever use material is when I get some in these mystery envelopes for some reason! I dismantled a tea bag and it's envelope and added the collage. Used my own stamp for the apple stamp. There was a page out of a Finnish book (oh, I forgot to mention this envelope came from Finland!) so I cut that up for the pages in the deco and even sewed it together with a bit of the cotton yarn included in the envelope.

Love You

This is another one done on a book board for the collection I'm making. I'm not too pleased with this for 2 reasons. 1) It didn't really come out how I had envisioned and 2) I'm never really pleased with anything I do that doesn't have a face on it; I don't know why ... it's something I still have to figure out. I had intended to use a red leaf that was included in the envelope but when I got around to putting it on I found that it didn't stand out very well so I went with this very light green one. You know I love red & green together especially when I think red & green apples but every single time *I* put these colours together it looks like Christmas gone wrong. Aside from the note included, "Love You" on the stationary were the only English words in this envie so since they were red, they got added here.

Now, as I said, this is only a little envelope and I think I have enough stuff left to do a calendar spread with the remainder. There are quite a few embellishments here too that will get saved for future use as I need to keep my calendar from getting too heavy so am not adding any more embellishments to it.


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