Day in the Hospital

I spent an interesting day today in the hospital. I
haven't been feeling so good the last couple of days and last night I
felt horrible, my heart was racing and I couldn't relax at all. Sooo,
we went to the hospital early this morning and I spent the day hooked
up to heart monitors and had tests done. I felt like I was in a scene from ER with the nurses over me on either side hooping me up and telling me to relax. It was quite nerve-wrecking but thankfully all the tests came back good and my problem is high blood pressure. I heard the nurse say my blood pressure was so high when I came in that I was floating! They gave me a pill and it sent my pressure way down so I'm feeling a lot better all ready, but I'm now going to be on blood pressure meds now. I feel like I've officially entered old-age! LOL! And I have to give up caffiene! What am going to do without my morning coffee?

Ah well, small price to pay for otherwise good health. I was afraid
the tests would come back saying I had diabetes, since it runs in my
family, but it was negative. Hallelujah!


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