The Mystery Envelope Project #4

One of the things I really enjoy doing is to work with a limited selection of supplies and I have come up with a continuing project I do called the "Mystery Envelope Project". This term was the name of a swap I participated in once. I now refer to these random envelope projects by the same name.

You can view my previous three Mystery Envelope Projects on flickr

This envelope of "stuff" was sent to me as a RAK by Joan. I decided to start Mystery Envelope Project #4 with the contents. First I sat down and sorted all the items into colours to see what I had to work with. Lots of blues and vintage text/paper stuff. Nothing came to me from this arrangement so, next, I grouped the stuff together by like items and BINGO! I had a pile of old Christmas and Greeting cards. An idea was born and painting day began!

Painting Day

So what I did was paint both sides of all the cards tearing open a few cards that were double folded. When dry I sewed them into a signature, added a silver bell that happened to be laying on my table and an Art Journal is now ready to be filled!

Art Journal


PS - I love to get comments {hint,hint}


Anonymous said…
What a creative use of old greeting cards!
Anonymous said…
Thanks silver!

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