Mission Inspiration May 2018

This month's challenge gave me some troubles getting it to come together properly. I'm not in love with the finished piece but I don't hate it either My main problem was I didn't really have the correct colours and had to make do with what I had. For the rust, I ended up using a Finnabair colour called Gold Amber which is more gold than rust but the closest thing I had and my yellow is too bright. But, anyway! On to how I put this piece together.

First, I added some concrete-like paste I have which is totally ancient and I was surprised it still worked, but it did and now I'm going to make sure I use it more before it really does dry up. 

Next was to spritz or spray and fortunately the only moss green colour I had was an old Adirondack spray ink. I really like how it turned out with the texture paste completely soaking up the ink and the background coming out with a more spritzed effect. I had to keep in mind from this point on though that this background colour was water-soluble and would move or lift if I got it wet again.

Adding drips or splatters was easy as the Gold Amber is a fluid acrylic and when watered down splattered easily. Not exactly rust as you can see but I love the colour.

Adding the natural texture or fibre was easy as I'd just received some burlap tape in a happy mail earlier on in the day and it was right on my table. I painted it yellow to get my third colour in. Then, I forgot to take a picture of that step but you will see the two strips along the bottom of the picture. Next up was to add focal images and I went a bit wild! I had all these campfire images but didn't want to use a fire so looked through my stencils for something that was kind of shaped like a fire that the foods could be toasted over and came across one of my favourite Stencil Girl stencils of a pair of lungs. I had to be careful pasting down the magazine images though as I didn't want to get the background ink wet and smudge it. At this point, I've got quite a busy page and think this is the ugliest stage of this mission.

Next up was some scribble writing with a black micron on the top left- and right-hand corners. This is always fun to do but it felt a little late in the game to be adding to the background at this point!

Finding book text took me longest of any step here! I didn't want to get a magazine quote because it said "book text". So I sat down with a text block from an old book which I'd ripped the pages out of and skimmed and skimmed looking for a food word. Then when I found this little bit of text I knew it was the perfect thing!

The final step of adding a border was easy-peasy as it's almost second nature for me to finish every page with a black line around the border. Here I used a black china marker and smudged it. 

And this brings us to the final piece which I'm fairly satisfied with neither loving nor hating it!

Available items used to make this piece:

Finnabair Gold Amber
blitsy: http://shrsl.com/zcxf
scrapbook.com: http://shrsl.com/zcxh

Burlap Tape
amazon: https://amzn.to/2J1c5EF


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