Mini Art Journal

For the last month or so, I've been working in this little art journal I made a while ago. I made a signature of mixed papers then glued them into an old greeting card (for the covers).

Front & back cover

Softly Dreaming Silence

Do Not Waste A Second

A Moment of Splendor

When I was working on the spread after this one (above) some glue seeped onto this page and dried and tore that white spot you see in the middle. I thought about trying to cover it up or blend it in but decided it didn't look too bad as it was.

Evil Spirits

What You Now Know

Allow Your Soul To Grow

This (above) is my second favourite spread.

Search of Eternal Spring

She Already Knew

The butterfly embellishment caused the page to not lay flat and we have a big shadow across this spread.

This Was the Spot

This is my favourite spread in the book. Too bad the scan has caused a big shadow in the middle. The image here is an old vintage photograph.

Under the Big Top


Another big shadow in the scan. Hand drawn bird (if you can't tell what it is) by me. My 7yo is doing a drawing course and I'm drawing along with him. This was one of our assignments.


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