Altered Calendar - March

I've been waiting several days now to take pics of my latest altered calendar spread but it has been raining for 5 days straight. Then today the rain stopped but it is still overcast and I can't wait any longer. So here we have some dark, dull photos and at the end a scan of the calendar grid.

Altered Calendar - March

Altered Calendar March - Top

Altered Calendar March Bottom
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This is my favourite one to date! All the collage elements in this one were taken from what was laying on my art table. There isn't as much text in this one as I usually do because I didn't have much text on the table that day. Most of the 'stuff' came from an envelope that Rosalie sent me plus a bit of this and that. The big religious images on the top half came from a Jehovah's Witness flyer I found in the mailbox one day and couldn't throw away because I loved the images. They really do have gorgeous artwork, so next time they come to your house, before you slam the door make sure you grab the flyer first (LOL)!


Anonymous said…
LOL Ok, I'll snatch their info and run! Your calendar turned out superb!

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