1x1 Storage and a Deco

The next four 1x1s for my challenge.

The first one proved a challenge. This is the first time I had a page with no usable images. The front and back of the page were both dental advertisements. The front had a full page picture of two heads from the nose down and the back was a huge toothbrush with text at the bottom of the page. So I glued down a background and then cut out a circle and drew my own face and added the text.

What to do with all these 1x1s? Some online friends are using coin holder pages to store their 1x1s but I used to collect stamps and actually have a huge collection and got an idea the other day. I got out an album and removed some stamps from these stamp pages and put my 1x1s in instead. I'm arranging them by colour on each page. Here is a photo of my gold & browns page.

And yes, I do other stuff besides 1x1s! Here is a deco I worked in recently. The theme is brown & aqua. This is just a gorgeous deco! The artwork by the other contributors is stunning and I looove the colour combination.


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