Mission Inspiration April 2018

Here is my progress on my submission for the April Mission Inspiration

Step 1: Add a thin wash of paint or gesso. I usually do this before I start any mission so this time it counts! This page already had some tissue paper attached previously so extra texture. Yum!

Step 2: Add texture through a stencil. OK. I love doing this. I used a Stencil Girl stencil by Traci Bautista and Finnabair Plaster Paste. I love this stuff. It's so creamy.

Step 3. Glue patterned paper shapes. I don't have many paper punches so I grabbed a square punch and some patterned paper in the colour scheme: yellow and green.

Now at this point, I saw that there were no more prompts where I would be able to add colour to all that white. So I cheated! And drizzled watered down paint in the last chosen colour: pink. I think I did a pretty good job of getting colour on there without breaking the rules too aggressively.

Step 4. Add a focal image. Check!

Cutesy isn't my first choice but I can do vintage cute if I'm feeling it so onward. This is the point where I hate it and that actually makes me feel optimistic because I always have an "I hate it!" stage before it gets better. Step 5. Make marks with household items I chose one:

This little guy is supposed to be a face cleanser scrubbie thing I got from Aliexpress but I like him better as an art tool! Let's put him to work!

OK, that worked. The squares aren't just hanging in space anymore. I have a semi-decent background now! I also had to mix that paint myself as I didn't have the right shade the mission called for on hand. I'm very lazy and hardly ever do that. Step 6 &7. Add a border of your choice &  Add a quote using one of the suggested words. I forgot to take a picture so you'll have to see these two steps together. I had wanted to use "tree" in my quote but couldn't find a tree image so I went with "April". My quote is from a Pat Boone song and fits well I think. I really wanted to tie everything together at this point so I bordered the heck out of it! Usually, when a prompt says to add a border I will draw one around the edge and yes, I did do that but I also stencilled a border around the centre image, something I'd not normally do.

Finally, Step 8. Splatters. I do this normally at the end of every piece I work on so like prompt one this was a natural step that counts!  I used the yellow for spatters so they are faint but they are there in real life.

Not great but not terrible either. I wouldn't make something like this from my own mind but I did learn a few things putting this exercise into action, as always. That's why I love prompt challenges so much!

Have a nice day and Go Create.


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