Art Journaling

In an effort to get back to blogging my art, I'm going to upload a pic from my art journal every day or two. As you can tell from recent posts here, I have not been blogging much lately. But I have been arting. I decided a while ago to stop taking pictures of everything I make. It's not really about what I make but more about that I simply DO make ... something .... anything. Life is tough right now, what with one thing and another but I always feel a bit better about myself, the world, my problems ... after I've done a bit of art.

I've been working on a few trades here and there these last months but I've been particularly bitten by the art journal bug. I've worked in and filled a couple of mini journals. But now I'm back to working in my big composition book journal. It's actually now starting to fill up nicely. So here's one of the spreads I've done this month in the composition book.

Journal Entry


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