Remains of a Swap

Way back before December I hosted a 1x1 swap and I saved all the 'stuff' I received from that. By 'stuff' I mean: a couple of people sent me a few collage goodies, others wrapped their items with magazine pages, almost everyone included a sturdy backer in the envelope, some included note cards, and I also saved the envelopes everything came in. So I put all this stuff aside to use later, then in December I moved and I 'lost' it. I just happened to uncover it last month or so and decided to make some atcs and things using only those items.

Here's what I came up with:

No Bendy

Simpler ThymeEverything You Could Wish ForRemained SupremeForced by CircumstancesElite Body ChosenIndulge and PamperThe Plot ThickensRelax and Unwind

And one person included some blank 1x1 backgrounds for me. Thanks JaYne!
Set of 1x1s


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you found your lost treasures :)
Mahala said…
Nice stuff. I hope you're still feeling better. high blood pressure runs in my family...not fun.

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